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Hunchback of Notre Dame / LION BAR Figurine
1997年の映画『ノートルダムの鐘/Hunchback of Notre Dame』公開時にヨーロッパでリリースされた「ライオン・バー」という名前のチョコレートのおまけです。カジモド、フィーバス、エスメラルダ、ジャリ、フロロー、ヴィクトルとユーゴ、ラヴァーン、クロパンの全8種類。


Hunchback of Notre Dame (1997/Lion Bar)
# Item My Colle For Trade Comment
1 カジモド/Quasimodo    
2 エスメラルダ/Esmeralda  
3 フロロー/Judge Claude Frollo    
4 フィーバス/Phoebus    
5 クロパン/Clopin    
6 ヴィクター/Victor    
7 ヒューゴ&ラヴァーン/Hugo & Laverne    
8 ジャリ/Djali    


_ しらいしろう ― 2013年03月06日 19:25


HUNCHBACK Disney European LION BAR Figurines set of 8

This is a complete set of 8 plastic figurines for the Disney "Hunchback of Notre Dame" series, which came for a short time inside bags of "Loin Bars" chocolate bars in certain European countries in 1997. All are solid, hand painted, one piece figures made of a rubbery plastic and are in very good condition (some figures may have some minor wear). Each measure between 1.25" (30mm) to 2.5" (60mm). They are authentic, fully licensed and completely authorized by the Walt Disney Company. These contain small pieces, and are not recommended for children under 4 years. Single pieces are also available, Check out my other items!

Lion Bar figurines were a series of rubbery hand painted figures that came inside bags of mini "Lion Bar" chocolate bars. They were released for only a short period. The figures were very well done. They were released in several west European countries. The series that I am aware of is Lion King (1995); Pocahontas (1996); Hunchback of Notre Dame (1997); and Hercules (1998)

We at Jerry’s Neat Stuff have many different European Disney figures, both plastic & porcelain Feves, and much more, which are available at our eBay store. Please check out my other items!


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